Technological innovation and sustainability

The ceramics sector is immersed in a process of global transformation, a process marked mainly by technological innovation and sustainability. Global trends set the future, trends that foresee more sustainable production and consumption models, where recycled pieces and energy saving are at the top of the list of objectives.

Technological innovation in the ceramics sector

The ceramics sector in our country is considered a world leader in innovation and technological development.  This is due to the large investment in R&D&I that is made in the ceramics industry.

Currently, the applications of technology in the sector are aimed at:

  • Providing technological solutions for sustainability and energy efficiency in the ceramics sector.
  • To seek energy efficiency.
  • Reducing environmental pollution.
  • Saving.

Sustainability and care for the environment

Ceramics is currently one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It is a material composed of elements such as water, earth, or clay, and many ceramic pieces are even composed of recycled materials.

Today, legislation is very demanding, and for this reason the main objective of research is to reduce emissions in the short term, which is known as reducing the carbon footprint.

Rocersa: Corporate Social Responsibility

At Rocersa we are not lagging behind. We grow with the sector, which is why caring for the environment and preserving the environment has become one of our priorities.

At Rocersa, we want to demonstrate our commitment, which is why sustainability, society and people, together with technological innovation, have become the main pillars of the company.

We invest our resources in the manufacture of recycled products, many of which contain around 50% recycled material. Our aim is to continue to increase these percentages until we achieve products that are almost entirely recycled. This is something that, to this day, sets us apart from our competitors.

Another of our commitments is to save energy. In order to reduce energy consumption, we are implementing exchange systems, systems that seek to recover heat from the ovens and use it in the raw product dryers.

Future challenges

The future challenges facing the sector are the decarbonisation of the sector and the widespread implementation of Industry 4.0 (monitoring of the entire production phase, intelligent warehouses, etc.) in the production process, as well as the digitalisation of the entire value chain.

At Rocersa we are joining forces to continue growing!