Next Ceramic Generation

Rocersa is a leading international tile manufacturer based in Vila-real (Castellón), with over 40 years’ experience in the business.  Each year, it manufactures and distributes over 6 million square metres of tiles worldwide.

Thanks to the company’s passion for innovation, it has become an international reference point as a pioneer in the development of 20mm-thick porcelain tiles.

A trailblazer in new technological innovations for the tile sector, its latest contribution is DDS – Digital Dry System (singled out for an Alfa de Oro Award at Cevisama 2019). This exclusive new technology gives pride of place to materials in the production process.

Over 6 million m2 per year

Ever since the company was first founded, priority has been given to sustainability, technology, society and human beings in its activities.

Rocersa’s commitment to environmental care led to the development of DDS: an ultra-efficient tile range based on a fully digitalized production process where no water is used, thus avoiding the need for any wastewater treatment systems.

Similarly, Rocersa has also incorporated a dry rectification process, where no water is required to cool the grinding equipment.

Resources are also channelled into the development of tiles with an increasing recycled content. Rocersa stands out from its rivals for managing to develop products with a recycled content of between 44% and 62%, and it continues to work toward increasing these percentages. To reduce energy consumption, it is in the midst of implementing energy exchange systems, using the heat from its kilns to operate driers used for unfired tiles.

Here you can download our Environmental Policy.

Committed to the future

Rocersa’s DDS – Digital Dry System is the outcome of ongoing research and improvements to manufacturing processes within the framework of its strong bid to produce increasingly eco-friendly products.

This new exclusive range gives precedence to materials in the product design process.

Thanks to Rocersa’s innovative DDS technology, the dry application of clays and glazes can be digitally controlled using a digital triple loading process.

DDS is a strategic ally in the development of collections with a high technical value and strong visual appeal.

Full Digital Technology
Global solutions

Rocersa’s team of specialists provides clients with consultancy advice throughout all stages of projects, assisting in the decision-making process.

Its expert team  offer turnkey solutions including the planning, materials specification, execution and monitoring processes.

The Contract market
Process efficiency

Rocersa uses Lean Manufacturing methods in its factory, with production control systems and machinery that incorporates cutting-edge quality-control technologies:

  • X-ray systems for apparent density measurement and adjustment controls.
  • Computer vision systems in intermediate and end manufacturing processes.

One thing that sets Rocersa apart from its rivals is its use of computer vision systems in two phases of the manufacturing process:

  • the unfired and end product stages.

In the first case, computer vision systems are used as a preventive control mechanism to monitor the quality of the tiles prior to firing so as to ensure compliance with the required specifications.

Lean Manufacturing
Our Team of Staff

One key aspect of Rocersa’s philosophy is its keen dedication to its work, and its workforce is one of the cornerstones on which its activities are based.

Thanks to its extensive involvement in different design projects, Rocersa is able to draw up customized proposals for clients, with the assurance of professional management at both a technical and administrative level.

In such a competitive sector as this, R&D and innovation are fundamental in boosting growth and productivity.

Our team of experts in these fields strives to come up with new innovations and solutions to today’s problems. Thanks to this, Rocersa has forged an international reputation in the ceramic tile sector for its technological innovations.

Keenly dedicated to its work
Industrial recognition

A ceramic tile manufacturer with long traditions dating back to its foundation in 1978, Rocersa has received the following awards and distinctions for its labours, thanks to its technological innovations:

The fruit of our labours
Alfa de Oro Award:
1991 / 1993 / 2000 / 2002 / 2003 / 2009 / 2019
Export Award:
1991 / 1994 / 1997 / 2013
Som Ceràmica Award (Castellón Provincial Government):
2017 / 2018 / 2020
Award of Merit Coverings: