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Rocersa’s new collections are designed with the future in mind, to provide a solution for sustainable architecture that guarantees the highest level of well-being and development for citizens and also enables the highest level of well-being and development for future generations.


Outdoor20 has a wide range of collections, ideal for outdoor design, able to combine in a single catalogue, a wide variety of products, all designed specifically for impressive outdoor applications thanks to its 20mm thickness.


33×100 Wall tile

Discover new 33×100 white body cladding pieces in an infinite number of colours, finishes, volumes and textures. Different coverings for a wide variety of needs, combining craftsmanship and technology.


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Senstyle Kore
Senstyle Bellezza
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Senstyle Eleganza
Senstyle Valley
Senstyle Stonehenge
Senstyle Lume
Senstyle Hardblue
Senstyle Essential
Senstyle Damasco
Senstyle Concreto
Senstyle Manhattan
Senstyle Glamora
Senstyle Ombra
Senstyle Clash
Senstyle Nomade
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