Rocersa, awarded the Alfa de oro 2019 for Ceramic Innovation

We have been awarded the Alfa de Oro 2019 for ceramic innovation for our new D.D.S. (Dry Digital System) technology.


Rocersa is positioned as the first company to develop a product with triple synchronised digital loading. This new manufacturing technique allows us to look back and transport ourselves to the time when ceramics were pure chemistry. We manufacture a three-dimensional product with digital design from the soul of the piece. It is a system that has come to revolutionise the way in which porcelain is manufactured and which opens up the possibility of creating new applications in our sector as we abandon the technique of decorating on the surface.

The Dry Digital System requires synergies with companies in other sectors, such as machinery manufacturers, who will have to develop new machines to apply materials digitally. Likewise, thanks to the collaboration with Digit-s (who are designing new software that allows the machines to communicate and digitise the manufacturing process) Rocersa achieves a process capable of combining several applications that generate a design conceived previously in all the layers of the product, so that a three-dimensional material is obtained as a result.

Another strong point of D.D.S. technology is its “dry” production, without glazes and the use of the necessary amount of earth, which allows a reduction in manufacturing costs. This optimisation of resources in the production process makes D.D.S. a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing technique, an aspect that we at Rocersa have valued for many years.

The Dry Digital System has come to revolutionise the world of ceramics.