Rocersa obtains the “Som Ceràmica” Award 2020

Rocersa, awarded with the “Som Ceràmica” 2020 prize for Innovation in Ceramic Products in Urban Applications.

Rocersa has won the “Som Ceràmica” 2020 award for Innovation in Ceramic Products in Urban Applications for its Infinity Shower project. Becoming the first ceramic company to achieve productive viability in the manufacture of 100% ceramic shower trays for outdoor use.


Contributing Positively.

The beaches of the province of Castellón offer visitors a unique experience, which is why Castellón deserves to be promoted and revalued, as the Diputación de Castellón has been doing. At Rocersa we have realised that we can make a positive contribution to these natural and semi-urban spaces, improving the experience not only for the inhabitants of the area but also as an attraction to generate quality tourism.

Infinity Shower arises from the idea of integrating in an architectural and minimalist way showers of ceramic material in urban spaces near beaches and recreational areas where there is a need to wash and shower.

We are faced with a scenario of deteriorated beaches or with materials that, due to their characteristics, cannot withstand the weather or their use.


20mm Specialists.

Ceramic tiles and specifically 20mm porcelain tiles are a great ally in the architectural reconstruction of these spaces. The fusion of ceramics with the urban landscape of the province is a challenge that involves uniting two characteristic elements of our area and our economy.

In our eagerness to promote new ceramic uses in urban environments that provide other functionalities and give greater value to our product, Infinity Shower was born. A project that arises from the idea of integrating in an architectural and minimalist way showers of ceramic material in urban spaces near beaches and recreational areas.

Aesthetic and Technical.

Infinity Shower goes beyond providing functionality to ceramics. Its manufacturing process and the materials chosen make it totally environmentally friendly. Infinity shower satisfies the aesthetic needs of the designer combined with functionality thanks to its technical performance and durability.

Currently, shower trays are usually made of polymers generated from hydrocarbons whose origin is petrochemical, derived from petroleum. These are normally thermoplastic materials, which show much greater contractions and expansions than the ceramic product. Their durability is very low compared to a ceramic plate, which can last a lifetime.

The aim of the project is to develop a new type of shower tray of a completely different nature. Produced from clays of natural origin, feldspars, silicates, silicas, kaolins, metal oxides, etc.

Ceramic is rigid, hard, does not expand and contract much and is very resistant, so its durability is very high.


Rocersa, “Som Ceràmica” Award 2020.

Rocersa Som Ceràmica 2020 Award for the Infinity Shower project, merit to the Innovation of the Ceramic Product in Urban Applications.