New corporate website launched!

We launched a new corporate website with the aim of offering all the relevant information and presenting it in a more attractive way.

New corporate website launched!


Adapted to the digital environment, Rocersa’s new corporate website is attractive, functional and accessible from different devices.


We launched a new corporate website with the aim of offering all the relevant information and presenting it in a more attractive way.


Rocersa, leader in digitalization.


The new digital space reflects the brand’s leadership in the sector with advances and pioneering ceramic solutions in the market. Among the many aspects that set Rocersa apart, the most noteworthy is that it specialises in 20mm thick porcelain. A highly demanded technical solution that is completed with our wide range of thicknesses, which can be easily consulted from the home page.


New corporate website more accessible.

Aware of the constant evolution of the digital environment and the new consumer habits among users, Rocersa’s new website is a useful and accessible communication tool. Where both sector professionals and end customers can browse through collections, inspired by videos and environments with different styles and technical possibilities.

A much clearer, more accessible website. In which products can be accessed according to thickness as well as other filters such as aesthetics, material, formats or finishes.


Captivated by aesthetics.

Rocersa’s new corporate website expresses the corporate identity to perfection. The visual and functional elements are perfectly coordinated to meet the needs of all audiences.

The image is the protagonist, yes, but in a website designed to facilitate navigation and ensure that visitors find the product they want. Users can find out about Rocersa’s most outstanding projects or be inspired by the different collections as if they were an interactive catalogue from any device: computer, mobile phone or tablet.


Downloadable ceramic images and catalogues.

Rocersa wants to facilitate the work of professionals in the fields of ceramics, architecture and interior design. For this reason, a space has been created from which to download all kinds of documents such as catalogues, environments or product data sheets. These documents will also be available to any user who registers.

Rocersa’s corporate website has become a new interactive communication space whose aim is to inform and provide both professionals and end users with the necessary tools and support.

Renovating this website is another step towards a digital marketing strategy with which Rocersa hopes to be closer to its public, facilitating contact with the brand.


Rocersa, closer to you.