Japandi, the latest trend in interior decoration

The Japandi style is making a big splash this season. The new trend in interior decoration fuses Scandinavian and Japanese styles to create atmospheres capable of transmitting the best of each: the Zen character of Japanese and the warmth of Scandinavian.

This trend is not new, in the year 2020 we could already see how interior designers from all over the world were creating places such as restaurants, hotels, etc. following the rules and keys of Japandi, however, this year 2021 it has become the protagonist of interior design and it is a style that makes spaces, even homes, become true sanctuaries.

At Rocersa we would like to delve a little deeper into the subject and tell you what it consists of and what the main keys are, as ceramics is one of the protagonists of this new decorative style.

Estilo japandi

Soho Oak 22,5x90cm.

What does the Japandi style consist of?

The Japandi, as we told you in the introduction of the post, is an intelligent fusion of two styles that have been setting trends in recent years, the Japanese, marked by Zen philosophy, and the Scandinavian, marked by minimalism, functionality and absence of luxury.

The Japandi style has become so relevant that it has its own philosophy: it turns the imperfection of the most natural elements into absolute perfection. The purest and noblest materials are combined with exotic elements such as fabrics, stones, wallpaper or ceramics to create different visual perspectives within the same space.

Keys to the Japandi style

The Japandi style hides many peculiarities that make it a unique style with its own character. Some of these peculiarities have become real keys or pillars are:

  • Simplicity: we open the list of keys with simplicity. Simplicity, together with lightness and functionality are the most important keys, the main characteristics of the Scandinavian style, characteristics that have also become the backbone of Japandi.
  • Use of ceramics: the use of ceramics is a must-have in the Japandi. Especially ceramic wood, laminated wall tiles and cement-inspired flooring. Also the use of ceramic pieces as decorative objects, for example; plates, cups, vases, etc.
  • Natural materials: natural materials should be used to honour the Japanese style. These materials encourage the connection of the people living in the space with the earth. One of the most commonly used materials is wood, which is responsible for connecting people with the natural world.

Estilo japandi


  • Use of plants: the use of plants in decoration is closely related to the use of natural materials. It is not about creating jungle or tropical corners, it is just about giving a touch of style with indoor plants, they bring harmony.
  • Neutral colours: finally, neutral colours such as beige, white or grey, with small touches of colour, are one of the main keys to the style. In this style, we opt for cooler tones, tones that maintain the unity of style throughout the room.

Estilo japandi

Products for Japandi decoration

Some of the Rorcersa elements or collections that fit perfectly with the Japandi trend are:

  • The Everglow collection: Everglow is a new definition of natural wood that we offer at Rocersa, a collection of porcelain stoneware that stands out for its elegant design and immerses us in a whole range of sensations that evoke naturalness, above all. A collection for indoors and outdoors that offers all the advantages of porcelain tiles.

Estilo japandi

  • Formentera: the naturalness of wood made porcelain. All the traces, veins and knots are carefully selected and reproduced in this high quality porcelain tile to evoke freshness, naturalness, comfort and quality.

Estilo japandi

  • Rotterdam offers a collection that replicates the tones, grains and textures of natural wood, with all the advantages of porcelain stoneware. Available in 5 different shades to enjoy natural and contemporary finishes that will make your space a warm and cosy place.
    Estilo japandi
  • Glamora: a totally timeless collection that adapts to Japandi, among many other styles. It is a collection characterised by its simple lines and for being offered in a soft chromatic range consisting of four colours: white, grigio, rovere and nature. It is one of Rocersa’s ceramic proposals in porcelain that highlights the naturalness and serenity of the most noble woods.

Estilo japandi


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