Mustang is a porcelain tile inspired by the practicality of stone and cement. It has a rustic and industrial touch thanks to its irregular graphics and soft surface tones. It is a collection with a compact character and a remarkable graphic and chromatic dynamism, with soft and uniform colours and a distinguished elegance.

Ideal for all spaces

Thanks to the production innovation, the Mustang collection fits perfectly in indoor-outdoor spaces.

It is a collection that fuses cement with stone and reveals the beauty of nature through the richness of its textures.

The Mustang collection reconnects us with a natural environment, and its pieces, slightly worn out in their perimeter, enhance the decorative possibilities of new environments with a renewed rustic style.

  • Bases
Graphic variety
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
60x60_20 RC
24”x24” RC OUT
60x60_20 RC
24”x24” RC OUT
  • 10 mm
  • 20 mm
  • matt
  • porcelain
  • frost resistance
  • color body
  • rectified
  • slip resistance
  • shading variations
  • moderated
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