Nature and the Tundra limestone have inspired the development of Muse. The collection has a calm and pleasant monochromatic aesthetic, with a soft background and subtle inlays.


Calm and pleasant aesthetics

The informal and rustic style of granite is represented in the new Muse collection.

The careful detail of its granular appearance is enhanced by the smooth movement generated by its colour range. A calm palette, with an undoubted natural look, favours the creation of intimate and cosy atmospheres.

The 120 cm slats create a geometric sequence on the wall that adds contemporary touches to the atmosphere. Matte finish and soft texture in porcelain. It is part of the VIIKER range, 40×120 of fine thickness, a highly environmentally friendly product.

  • Bases
  • Reliefs
Graphic variety
Rel 7 White
Rel 7 Grey
Rel 7 Cream
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
40x120_7 RC
16”x48” RC
40x120_7 RC
16”x48” RC
  • matt
  • porcelain
  • color body
  • rectified
  • slight
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