Flow is a collection capable of transmitting the feelings and emotions emanating from nature itself.

Elegance, sobriety, variety and versatility

Elegance, sobriety, variety and versatility are its letter of introduction.

This porcelain stoneware has an extensive graphic variety thanks to the stuccoed knots and the veins formed on its surface.

It offers a variety of tones in five colours – white, light, smoke, mink and nature – capable of expanding its compositional capabilities and conceiving extremely welcoming environments.

Flow is available in 19.4x120cm and 29.5x120cm formats, the latter in 20mm thickness, which offers an ideal result for designing outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces or areas of intense traffic.

  • Bases
Graphic variety
20x120 RC
8”x47” RC
20x120 RC
8”x47” RC
29,5x120_20 RC OUT
12”x47” RC OUT
29,5x120_20 RC OUT
12”x47” RC OUT
  • 10 mm
  • 20 mm
  • matt
  • porcelain
  • frost resistance
  • color body
  • rectified
  • slip resistance
  • shading variations
  • moderated
  • UPEC
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