A minimalist collection with a balance between elegance and modernity.

Distinctive style

The Essential collection is born of a passion for nature, the search for beauty and the fusion of craftsmanship and matter.

Colour is associated with our subconscious and that is why it influences our state of mind. The Essential collection offers a range of neutral, serene and balanced tones with which to design spaces that convey harmony.
Feelings and sensations are activated through touch thanks to its soft relief. An elegant geometric rhythm, apparently casual, causes an accentuated rhythm in the wall decoration.

From the natural uniqueness of the stone, Essential represents a perfect alliance between design, art and nature. Everyday life is the main source of inspiration.

  • Bases
  • Reliefs
  • Decorations
Graphic variety
Rel White
Rel Taupe
Rel Grey
Dec White
Dec Taupe
Dec Grey
33x100 PB RC
13”x40” WB RC
33x100 PB RC
13”x40” WB RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
  • white body
  • matt
  • porcelain
  • color body
  • rectified
  • uniform
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