Stylish swimming pool ceramics that are the stars of summer terraces

Although there are some who say that “summer is for getting out of the house” we would like to point out. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. And whether you decide to go out depends on whether there are outdoor spaces at home and how prepared your home is for the summer season. Because those who have a swimming pool at home know that they have a private paradise.

Why not make the most of it and enjoy the intimacy of summer in your own pool?

We usually talk about the kitchen being the heart of the house. But in summer, the epicentre of home life becomes the outside. Whether for the terrace or the pool, at Rocersa we have thought of everything to make the most of outdoor ceramics.


Security without sacrificing sensations

The pool is a space to enjoy without the worry of how to avoid slipping. Safety in your home is the most important thing and the ceramics allow you to relax in your hammock while your children play. In addition, at Rocersa, we continue to innovate and our series for terraces and swimming pools have a more uniform and pleasant finish to the touch.

Although you may prefer your environment to transport you sensibly elsewhere, how about a volcanic beach or the desert dunes? With Livermore, you will have a holiday at home in a summer when you may not have been able to enjoy a getaway due to preference or limitation.


For the summer selfie

A stylish swimming pool is more than just the place we dream of to spend our hottest hours. It is the temple of the most refreshing selfies. And if not, take a look at Instagram (link to IG). So if you’ve got a pool, make it stylish. Minimalist, rustic or with materials from the most contemporary constructions such as cement.

A space where you can disconnect and relax

The choice of the environment of your home is essential to have the comfortable feeling of tranquillity. The swimming pools and terraces are the scene of daily life in the summer months and that is why we want you to feel “at home”.

So at Rocersa we work on the In&Out concept to integrate your spaces visually. On this terrace and lounge in the Salisbury series, the limits of the room are lost. The visual harmony will give you the calm and peace you need to enjoy a relaxing summer afternoon by the pool.



Swimming pools that do not lack detail

And in this dialogue of the senses, details cannot be left out. Personalising your space will only be possible if you have all the elements you need. Whatever your pool, at Rocersa we have developed all kinds of useful solutions with a wide range of special pieces. Steps, skirting boards, swimming pool grids or even spotlights to ensure that the lighting is integrated.

In this environment of the Nomade collection, we see how the special pieces complement and help to personalize the environment. A question of decoration and practicality. They will be what your project needs for an attractive and functional result.



Let the swimming pool not be a reason for more work

Many things have changed this year. From the perception of the home and how we want the space we live in to how we approach social gatherings as a dinner party. Now more than ever, hygiene and disinfection are key. Ceramic is one of the materials for swimming pools with more advantages in terms of maintenance. It is resistant to stains, acids and chemicals, as well as to scratches.

And all this without giving up design. As in this house where the beauty of the stone becomes the protagonist in the room to reproduce the charm of nature.