The Manhattan collection reinterprets cement from an absolutely urban and contemporary approach.

Distinctive style

The apparent simplicity of cement serves as the basis for this new collection, whose timeless elegance leaves no one indifferent and is capable of creating a dialogue between matter and experience.

Its smooth and balanced surface is seductive thanks to a textile-inspired decoration that will add the counterpoint of exclusivity to the décor. A successful chromatic range centred on three elegant smoked tones gives style to the collection, creating a personal language in the atmosphere.

The Manhattan collection is focused, through matter and colour, on creating environments capable of favouring relationships between people and the habitat. Through the use of soft shades of colour, the spaces are illuminated by the light that emanates from its surface, thus showing the subtle textures that define the cement of this collection.

  • Bases
  • Reliefs
  • Decorations
Graphic variety
Rel White
Rel Nude
Rel Graphite
Dec White
Dec Nude
Dec Graphite
33x100 PB RC
13”x40” WB RC
33x100 PB RC
13”x40” WB RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
60X60 RC
24”x24” RC
  • 6 mm
  • white body
  • matt
  • co-ordinated floor tile
  • 10 mm
  • porcelain
  • frost resistance
  • color body
  • rectified
  • shading variations
  • uniform
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